We are in the business of manufacturing metal forgings and are committed to provide best product and service experience to our customers through delivery of products of highest standards.
We shall be guided by continual improvement in product and service quality to meet customer requirements. Technology enhancement, process quality and people competence shall remain prime movers of our business leadership.
We are committed to ensure prevention of pollution, ill health and injuries and create safe working conditions for our employees, contractors, visitors and surrounding community. We are committed to continually identify environmental aspects and OH&S hazards and being effectively prepared to eliminate, control and manage their adverse impacts and risks. 
We are committed to comply with all legal and other requirements meeting local government rules and regulations.
Together, we shall be always guided to continually improve and grow by meeting following objectives:


  1. Improve Sales Turnover
  2. Improve Productivity and Lead Times
  3. Reduce Re-work
  4. Improve Supplier Performance Rating  
  5. Improve Customer Satisfaction Index
  6. Full compliance to legal and other requirements
  7. Ensure zero Incidents
  8. Take appropriate measures to safeguard our workforce, contractors, visitors and community at large by monitoring and reducing incidents
  9. Reduce Impact Values of Pollution against Legal Benchmarks
  10. Foster the motivational practices amongst all employees, associates including contractors by their regular involvement in HSE matters
  11. Maintain and continually improve our HSE practices and manage health, safety and protection of environment
  12. Constantly monitor measure and review HSE performance, and achieve   excellence at all levels.
  13. Upgrade technology leading to improved environment and safe working conditions.

Towards meeting above objectives, we encourage involvement of our employees, contractors, visitors and other interested parties in QHSE activities through transparent and regular communication, participation and consultation.

Achieving industry leadership in QHSE performance is a collective responsibility requiring team work and every UEPL and contractor employee shall be committed to this goal.


Mr. Deepak Gupta
Managing Director
Issue Date: 01st May 2011